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  • Nordine Drici -

    As an Expert on Human Rights (torture and rights of detainees, death penalty, women rights, child rights, asylum and migrations), Rule of Law, electoral processes as well as humanitarian affairs, Nordine Drici has almost 20 years of field experience. He worked within the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) from 2000 to 2009 in Africa (Sudan, Sierra Leone), Asia (Afghanistan, Nepal), Middle East (Palestinian territories, Irak/Jordan) as well as in Geneva, as Head of Protection Sector for Europe, Russia and Central Asia. Back to France in 2009, he worked from 2009 till mid-2012 as a Human Rights Counsellor for the French MOFA. In that capacity, he contributed to the strategic definition of the French policy with regards to bilateral and multilateral cooperation on Human Rights.

    Nordine Drici then joined several CSOs from 2012 till 2015 (FEMED, ACAT-France, ECPM as a consultant) before creating his own consulting office beginning of 2016. Meanwhile, he developed robust skills on matters related to educational engineering (as a Lecturer at university level as well as within curricula managed by the French School for Administration, ENA). He is an Associated Trainer at the Bioforce Institute (International Humanitarian Law and Ethics) since 2017 as well as a trainer for Forum Réfugiés-COSI on Afghanistan context, in relation with Afghan asylum seekers in France. Nordine Drici is part of the European Union (EU) Pool of electoral observers, and participated in the EU Electoral Observation Mission (EOM) deployed for the 2018 Pakistan Parliamentary Elections as a Human Rights Analyst. I also works as an expert for Justice Coopération internationale (JCI).

    Expert in asylum and migration issues, Nordine Drici has also worked as an Associate Judge at the French Court for Asylum during four years between 2012 and 2017.

  • Michael Hilton - Associated Consultant

    Holder of Master’s degree in International Development and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (specialized in development economics), Michael Hilton has 15 years’ experience in managing humanitarian projects. He has worked for the United Nations (UN), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as well as with a number of international NGOs (notably Concern Worldwide).organisations non gouvernementales internationales (notamment Concern Worldwide).

    He has worked in numerous conflict zones including Burundi, Iraq, Rwanda and Sri Lanka.

    Currently, Michael Hilton is using his skills and experience in the international private sector in producing geopolitical and security analyses as a precursor to operations in high risk security contexts. He has conducted this distance work on numerous complex theatres including Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and Syria.

    A dual national (British and French), Michael Hilton is a native English speaker and he is fluent in French. In addition to his existing professional commitments, he is currently studying to qualify for the Project Management Professional Certificate (PMP).

  • Rodolphe Poirier
    - Associated Consultant

    Specialised in supporting Democratic Governance and promoting the rule of law, Rodolphe Poirier has been involved in development cooperation for over 20 years. He participates in the assessment, implementation and evaluation of many projects and programmes, particularly in the areas of strengthening civil society organisations, local governance and decentralisation, reform of the State, as well as in humanitarian action and Countering Violent Extremism.

    A graduate of the Architecture and Urban Planning School of Versailles (France), Rodolphe Poirier started his career as an architect and urban planner before joining various international NGOs from 1996, particularly France-Libertés Foundation. After working on several grounds of intervention, notably in Iraqi Kurdistan and Yemen, he then assumed the general management of the NGO DIA, in Marseilles, from 2002 to 2007, while teaching territorial development in “Paris IV - La Sorbonne” university.

    Rodolphe Poirier joined the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2007 to serve as an advisor to civil society organisations in Guinea (2007-2012) and then as Cooperation Attaché in charge of Democratic Governance in Mauritania (2012-2016). Based in Tunis since 2016, he is currently working as an independent consultant.

    Thanks to this wide experience, Rodolphe Poirier has developed strong skills in project development, monitoring and evaluation, and has mastered the strategies, systems, and procedures of international development aid. Through his frequent missions in many countries (Iraq, Yemen, Honduras, Morocco, Mauritania, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Cape Verde, Guinea, Senegal), he has a thorough knowledge of West Africa, Maghreb, and Middle East region.

  • Audrey Djangotchian - Associated Consultant

    The holder of a Master’s degree in International Negotiation and a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Arabic Language, Audrey Djangotchian worked for 10 years both with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the French Red Cross. She has an in-depth experience in the areas of protecting civilian populations, re-establishing family links and detention environments in conflict zones and high risk contexts.

    Her linguistic capabilities (French, English and Arabic) have enabled her to work in a large number of countries. She is a Middle East specialist and has worked in Yemen, Syria, Jordan and the Palestinian territories.

    Audrey DJANGOTCHIAN continued to work in France with vulnerable persons (adults with impaired capacity), practising the profession of legal guardian for 7 years.

    Also specializing in asylum and migration issues, she intervened as an interpreter for Arabic speaking migrants (conduction of ad-hoc missions for OFPRA in Greece and regular translation of interviews held by France Terre d’Asile in administrative holding centres). She is currently working as a socio-legal case worker in a reception center for asylum seekers.

  • Pauline Chabbert - Associated Consultant

    Graduated from the Institute of Political Sciences and Holder of a Master in International Relations, Pauline Chabbert is a consultant and trainer. Her field of expertise is focused on gender, gender equality in public policies as well as projects dealing with international development. She is working with international as well as regional organisations (Organisation de la Francophonie, UN Women), with bilateral cooperations and NGOs, in France, Sub-Saharan Africa and around de Mediterranean Sea.

    She founded Autrement-Conseil, a consulting firm offering a large range of training and mentoring sessions on ways and means to better integrate a gender mainstreaming approach as well as gender institutionalization within public policies and international organisations. From 2009 till 2013, Pauline Chabbert in charge of Gender and Development within the French MOFA. In that framework, she supervised the drafting a the new French strategy in that area. She also acted as a coordinator of various development projects, as well as working groups dealing with girls schooling, women economic independence, women access to decision-making spaces, issues pertaining to the fight against violence against women alongside with sexual and reproductive health.

    Pauline Chabbert dévelops numerous training on gender issues for civil servants and program specialist. She is also providing studies and capitalization notes. She is also acting as Associated Director of Egae group.

    Pauline Chabbert est également Directrice associée du Groupe Egae.

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